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Jorge De Andrade Author of Scale Up IT scaling scale up scaling business growth event  - Scale Up IT 1 Day Education and Gaming Workshop

Author of Scale Up IT: The Roadmap to Bring Your Enterprise to the Next Level

​Jorge De Andrade is the Author of Scale Up IT, Founder and CEO at GrowThe.Biz and a recognized business enabler expert. He has more than 20 years of experience in the industry of information technology. He started at the forefront of individual computers, and where large-scale computers are now called dinosaurs. Being in the IT world for this long, he has seen shifts in terms of not only IT product development but also how companies have put in place new ways of working—from in-house development to outsourcing, help desk to virtualization and managed IT services to the cloud. His insights in the industry, valuable experiences and knowledge has led him being invited as aspeaker in various continents and countries, London, Dublin, Brussels, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Singapore and further into South East Asia. He has not only developed new ways of working but also a new and fun way of learning in what seems to be a challenging topic, IT Management. His book Scale Up IT helps Startups, Small & Medium sized businesses, Corporations growing to greater success. It can be summarized by “Technology change easily and fast – How you manage it makes the difference”.

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TESTIMONIALS scaling scale up scaling business growth event  - Scale Up IT 1 Day Education and Gaming Workshop

–Ozana Giusca Founder of Tooliers (London)

Jorge has his ways to get the audience grasp complex technological concepts. He manages to lead his audience in thinking differently about growing a business and what is required these days to have a more profitable and sustainable business. His talks are insightful! What is remarkable are his presentation skills: entertaining and fun. scaling scale up scaling business growth event  - Scale Up IT 1 Day Education and Gaming Workshop

–S. Quartier International Interim Manager (Financial Services) Belgium

If you are a busy entrepreneur like me or a busy business leader, keen on optimizing your business, then Jorge is your go-to expert. If you have a chance to attend his talks or workshops do not miss that opportunity! Not only will you be educationally entertained, but you will also get business insights that will blow your mind. I definitely recommend him.

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